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Grouping in Interior Design; The Rule of Threes

You have probably heard this statement before—Always follow the ‘Rule of Three’ when decorating your home. What is this mysterious rule of three and how do we incorporate it into our home—and aren’t rules meant to be broken?

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Choosing The Best Fabric For Your Upholstered Piece

The fabric of an upholstered piece is the most visible sign of quality and style. Upholstery fabric also is the part most likely to show wear and soil. When choosing upholstery, you should be aware of its durability, clean-ability, and resistance to soil and fading.

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Rug Size Guide – Tips On Choosing The Right Size For Your Space.

Before you start looking at rugs you need to measure the dimensions of your room to work out the approximate space you have for a rug and any constraints you have (door openings, etc.).

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